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How To Eat Ghee

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Mouthwatering ghee in a jar ready to be eatenGhee is also known as clarified butter and is a rich source of fat. Indians know many ways of how to eat ghee since this is used in many of their recipes. Eating ghee is extremely satisfying with its mouthwatering aroma, but too much of ghee consumption is not good for health, since it is composed mainly of fat.

Here are some ways in which you can eat ghee and enjoy its rich flavor:
• Ghee rice – Steamed rice with ghee will make your mouth water. You can have a little quantity of fine long grained rice – also known as ‘basmati’ with ghee before any meal – it can be the best way to start eating any Indian food. This is eaten by many devotees in temples (in India), before they are offered the main food.
• Ghee can be eaten in many sweets. Some popular Indian sweets in which we get the rich flavor of ghee are laddu, halva and mysore pak.
• You can eat ghee with naan as well as roti. You can replace butter and eat ghee to get the rich taste. If you love roti and Naan in its softness, you can eat at least 2 teaspoons of ghee with each of them. You will love ghee roti, ghee paratha or ghee naan for your breakfast as well as lunch.
• Ghee can be eaten when you are eating deep fried food. Ghee can be eaten through puris ( flattened fried dough) which tastes wonderful. Sumptuous and mouthwatering ghee laddu

There is no specific time of eating ghee but since it is very rich in fat, it is best if you have it in your breakfast or lunch. It will be easy for you to digest then.

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How To Eat Ghee