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How To Eat Kushikatsu

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How To Eat Kushikatsu when cooked at homeIf you are fond of Japanese delicacies, you should learn how to eat Kushikatsu in a variety of ways, because this is a very popular Japanese dish and available in all leading Japanese restaurants. If you do not try out different ways of eating this dish, you are surely going to miss out something.

Kushikatsu is actually a deep fried kebab. This is a delicious deep fried cutlet of meat. Eating Kushikatsu can be really fun when you choose to have this dish in its authentic Japanese style dipped in tonkatsu sauce. So whenever, you choose to eat Kushikatsu, ensure that you have been served the tonkatsu sauce.

Those who are fond of Kushikatsu love to eat this sumptuous food with seafood, pork, chicken and many different types of seasonal vegetables. This can be a perfect nutritious recipe for your kids too who normally do not enjoy vegetables. There is no special time or occasion for having this food – you can enjoy this food as a part of your lunch or dinner.

Eat Kushikatsu with seafood of your choice: Do you love seafood? This is your chance to have your choicest seafood – you can include shrimps, squids or even crabs. There are many restaurants who specialize in seafood only  In such you have the chance to eat deep fried crabs or shrimps which can be eaten with hot Kushikatsu.

Eat Kushikatsu with fresh vegetables: If you are not keen on having seafood – you can try out eating Kushikatsu with any seasonal vegetables of your choice. You can eat vegetables along with meat. It is best to eat Kushikatsu when it is hot. Have it any time of the day you prefer.

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How To Eat Kushikatsu