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How To Eat Peking Duck?

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Peking duck - China’s national food - is one such recipe that demands both the chef’s skills (who make it) and the guests’ skills (who eat it). You cannot enjoy this traditional dish without knowing the real art of how to eat Peking duck. Eating Peking duck is not just eating any dish – it is a celebration of good health, good time, good company and good life.

Peking duck - The National Food of ChinaOrder right:

To enjoy eating Peking duck, your first step is to order correct. An average-sized Peking duck can be served to 8-10 people. So, if you are alone or with your spouse, order half ducks only.

Let the Chef do the trick:

Whenever a Peking duck is served on your table, normally the chef comes to carve it. Carving a Peking duck is such a complicated art - it is best to let the experts do it. A skilled chef can carve up to 120 slices in a matter of just five minutes. The best carved Peking ducks are the ones where each piece has at least a sliver of deep red skin, thus giving you a perfect balance of succulent and crunchy meat.

Art of Eating:

Once the Peking duck is carved into slices, now it’s time to start eating. However, before eating the Peking duck, you need to wrap the Peking duck in the correct manner. Peking duck is traditionally served with Mandarin crepes. Take a crepe and then spread a layer of hoisin sauce on it. Place a couple of duck slices and place them on the crepe. Add some scallions and cucumber, ensuring that they poke out from the open top. Now, fold the crepe gently.
Now that all the pieces are ready, take a bite and enjoy a perfectly blended taste of sweetness, tanginess and spiciness.


Crispy roast duck skin, duck livers and duck soups come normally as accompaniment with your Peking duck. Beers and wine go great with Peking duck as well. So, choose the right drink depending on your taste, and go on “gan bei-ing” (“emptying your glass”).

The process of eating Peking duck is an elaborate one. However, to get its real feel and be able to enjoy it, it is important that you eat Peking duck in the traditional way. You are sure to come out with a life-time experience that is worth all treasures!!

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How To Eat Peking Duck?