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How To Eat Sushi?

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Has it ever happened to you that you have a tempting plate of colorful sushis in front of you, and you are stationed simply because you don’t know how to eat sushi? Fret no more, for here are a few simple tips that you can always keep in mind while eating sushi.

A tempting plate of colorful sushis is hard to resist

Eat the Japanese way:

Having a traditional Japanese dish and not having it in the Japanese way? Doesn’t really sound appealing, does it? So, pop in the sushis in the way the original masters do – with the help of chopsticks. Learn to use chopsticks; it is simple and needs only a little bit of practice. Not that you cannot have the sushis with hand, but eating it the right way gives you the feel and ambience, which otherwise you would miss.

Know what is served:

Next, you need to know what exactly is served before you go on with eating sushi. When you are served with a plate of nilgiri sushi or sashimi, your dish also includes a portion of wasabi (a green paste), ginger slices (pink in color and right next to wasabi) and a small plate at the side. Each has its own function here, and it is important to know how to use each of these items.

Follow the order:

•    First, add some soy sauce to the small plate placed on your table.
•    Now, pick an individual piece of sushi with your chopsticks. Each sushi has a piece of rice ball attached to it. Pick the sushi along with the rice ball.
•    Dip it in the soy sauce. Ensure that you dip the fish side in the sauce and avoid dipping the rice ball.
•    Pop the whole sushi in your mouth. Eat slowly, enjoying each bite.
•    Now, take a slice of the ginger and chew to refresh the taste of your mouth.

Normally, the rice rolls already have some wasabi in them. Hence, you do not usually need to dip the sushi in the wasabi placed on your table. But if you want more wasabi, you can add some of it to your soy sauce and then dip the sushi in this mixture before eating it. However, according to the Japanese culture, doing this is considered to be a bad manner, as to the chef, it appears to be an indication of the sushi not being prepared well.

Thus, sushi can be eaten easily by following these simple steps. So, the next time you go to a Japanese restaurant or a Japanese house, try these simple tricks and see how the entire art of eating sushi becomes so much more enjoyable and fun-filled.

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How To Eat Sushi?