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How To Eat Rosemary?

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To know how to eat rosemary, you first need to know what rosemary is. Rosemary is a perennial herb with evergreen needle-like leaves. The fragrant leaves are the main reason for its popularity. The name rosemary is derived from the Latin word rosmarinus – “ros” meaning dew and “marinus” meaning sea. Hence, it literally meant "dew of the sea", due to its frequent appearance by the sea.

Rosemary can be a part of almost all kinds of dishesRosemary in itself is not very enticing to eat. The rosemary leaves are quite tough and the flavors are quite strong. Hence, even though you can eat raw rosemary, it would not be as enjoyable as you would expect it to be. Rosemary’s real power lies in the aroma, flavor and color that it adds to the other dishes. The real trick of eating rosemary, therefore, lies in the way you use it to season other dishes.

You can use this herb in two main ways – the fresh rosemary leaves or the dried herbs. Fresh rosemary is always more preferred because of the strong flavor that it can add to your recipes. Dried rosemary tends to lose their flavor faster. But if you can store them well, then even the dried ones are equally efficient.

You can make different recipes with rosemary and satisfy your soul with their delicious flavor. For example, you can make a rosemary sauce and add it to your chicken. Thick, creamy and delicious, this recipe is sure to steal your heart. You can make delicious rosemary focaccia – the rustic bread that passes well as starters. You can also make some rosemary scones with goat cheese and lure your guests to these tasty nibbles. Not to forget, sprinkle some rosemary on any kind of roasted meat – lamb, pork, tenderloin, chicken, fish - and enjoy the great aromatic abundance that each bite gives you. The vegetarian are also not left behind. For the vegetarians, you can toss some rosemary leaves on your potato wedges, or sweet potatoes or even the mushrooms and enjoy the great taste.

Thus, rosemary can be a part of almost all kinds of dishes. Be is the casseroles, the lasagna, pasta, spaghetti, the roasted dishes, the baked items – a dash of rosemary to any of these is surely going to take them to totally different heights. So, use them the right way and in right proportions and see the twist that it adds to your dishes. You are sure to fall in love with eating rosemary.

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How To Eat Rosemary?