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Tips On How To Eat Onions

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Onions form the basic ingredient of hundreds of recipes. You need to know how to eat onions in their raw form or in their cooked form. Eating onions everyday can help to build up your immunity system along with offering you a great taste to any recipe you choose to make. Here are some easy ways of eating onions:Fresh onions can enhance the taste of any recipe

You can eat onions in many forms and each of its form takes equally good. You can use onions in its chopped form, in fine long slices, in its paste form, fried onions, boiled onions and whole onions too. There are several Chinese recipes which use small size onions completely boiled or soaked in vinegar. The softness of the onions adds a special taste to any recipe.

Raw: Eat onions raw – you can make thin slices of onions (preferably in rings for that excellent look) and include in your salad. Raw onions can also be had along with fried delicacies like fried pork chops, fried fish, fried chicken and other deep fried items. If you add a pinch of salt along with some fresh drops of fresh lemon, your fried items are really going to taste excellent.

Onions in marinade: Onions are used while marinating chicken, beef, pork – especially when you are using these meat preparations for snacks. If meat is soaked in onion juice for prolonged period, it gives the meat a lovely taste and flavour.

You can use onions as per your preference and your imagination, as long as you enjoy its taste and flavor
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Tips On How To Eat Onions