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Learning How To Eat Cabbage

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If you ask me how to eat cabbage I will be able to suggest you many ways – I love cabbage in any form. I Fried cabbage can also be eaten by including it in different recipeslove its chewy form or fried, I love it boiled and I simply find it great in soups. Eating cabbage is healthy and helps people to lose weight too.

However, you should be a little careful when you are eating cabbage. Cabbage is usually eaten after it is chopped in small fine slices – whole cabbage is not recommended at all! Whenever you buy cabbage and bring it home, you need to ensure that you wash it well before cooking. Since most of us eat cabbage after chopping it to many pieces, it becomes necessary that you rinse all such chopped cabbage pieces very well too, so that any trace of pesticides or insecticides are washed away quickly.

Having sumptuous cabbage soup is excellent for weight reductionCabbage soup: This is perhaps the most widely known recipe to lose weight. It is prepared by boiling fresh cabbage with salt and pepper. There is no fixed recipe for making this soup. You can make it as you wish as per your taste.
Cabbage as part of other vegetable recipes: Cabbage plays a very important role in Chinese cuisine. Can you imagine your vegetable chow recipe without its cabbage? Not only that fresh cabbages can be eaten as vegetables, but as as manchurian balls (mixed with other vegetables, boiled and fried as chops), and also as a part of mixed vegetable recipe.
Cabbage in salad: Cabbage which is well boiled is often used in salads. Soft boiled cabbage can make any salad complete – though many foodies feel this is a complete optional additional to any salad...
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Learning How To Eat Cabbage