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How To Eat Chopped Onions

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Chopped onions used in a salad adding to its tasteThere was a time when chopping onions was my passion – I would try and chop onions at the slightest opportunity. This was also the time when I learnt innovative ways on how to eat chopped onions, so in a way my passion for chopping turned out to be helpful. Eating chopped onions in so many ways is still not known to many people.

Chinese and Indian cuisines use chopped onions in many ways. Here are some ways in which you too can eat chopped onions and enjoy their fresh flavor:

Salads: Chopped onions can be used in salads. Chop them in round slices or in small squares – they will make any salad look yummy.
Snacks: The use of chopped onions with fried snacks is very common in many countries. Try having chopped onions with fried vegetable chops, fried fish, chicken fry, fish fry, tofu fried, or meat balls – you just need to add some pepper, a pinch of salt, some drops of fresh lime juice and your wonderful snack is ready for the evening. If you haven’t tried it out – I suggest, try it with any thing you have at home now – you will love the freshness of the chopped onion juice.
Onions in recipes: Chopped onions form an important part of several chicken, pork, mutton, beef, deer, and turkey recipes. You can add chopped onions in the marinade and soak the main ingredient so that the freshness of chopped onions passes on to the food.

Eating chopped onions in a yummy baked onion soup
Soups: Chopped tomatoes are extensively used in soups. They form the base of many soups.

If you are looking for another way to use these chopped fresh onions you can use them to garnish any spicy dish you prepare. You will not only get an extraordinary recipe, but the food will look delicious too.

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How To Eat Chopped Onions