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How to Eat Artichokes

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How to eat artichoke? Well, the artichoke can cause problems if you don't know how to eat it properly. So there's a strategy for eating artichokes. A little extra patience will yield the tastiest treat eat for yourself or share with your family. Here’s how to Eat Artichokes How to Eat Artichokes
Things required for eating artichokes
Discard bowl for the remains of the already eaten leaves
Dipping sauce
How to Eat Artichokes
Step 1:  Cut off the leaves closest to the base of the steamed or boiled artichoke. Pull one from the base.
Step 2: After removing the leaves, serve the artichoke in a broad, shallow bowl and place the leaves alongside the artichoke. Provide a side plate or bowl.
Step 3: Take the outer leaves, removing one leaf at a time: dip, eat and discard. Some common dips are mayonnaise, melted butter and ranch dressing.
Step 4:  Always remember to remove the papery-thin leaves closest to the heart and cut the heart into bite-sized pieces, dip and eat.
Step 5: Throw away the leftover leaves in a pile on your plate or in a container.

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How To Eat Artichokes