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How To Eat A Cactus Pear

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How to eat a cactus pear - removing its spines.Most of us do not know how to eat a cactus pear. The name itself makes the act completely impossible. Well – it is not so! Eating cactus pear involves a few steps – you just need to do a few things so that the pear becomes fit for consumption. You have to choose the right pear for eating. If you are able to get a reddish-orange pear which has a purple skin it is thought to be the sweetest. The white skinned pears are also eaten and are very popular in Mexico.

Step one: If you have bought some store packed pears, you will find they are spine free and you can handle them very easily. So, you won’t have tough time eating them.
Step two: In case you find that spines exist in the pears, you will need to use some tongs or a plastic bag to get hold of the pears before you can remove the thorns.
Step three: If you cannot do the above process for some reason, you can put all the pears in cold water. If you do this, some spines are surely going to get washed away.
Step four: You can now skin the pear easily. You will have to pick up the end side of a pear with the help of a towel so that the pear does not touch you.
Step five: You can then slice the thick skin of the pear from the bottom as well as top parts.
Step six: You can now cut lengthwise through the center part of the pear.
Step seven: You can use this slit to slowly lever its skin and then peel it off.
Step eight: You can now cut the pear in small slices and serve it.
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How To Eat A Cactus Pear