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How To Eat Guava In Different Ways

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My friends didn’t know how to eat guava! It is not strange because this fruit is not found in all parts of the world – so there are several people who come across this fruit for the first time and wonder how it is to be eaten. Guava is a highly nutritious fruit which is very rich in vitamins A, B and C. Guava is also a rich source of calcium. This fruit normally have a green, yellow and a pink rind. The most interesting part about eating guava is that you can eat the entire fruit.How to eat guava in different ways

To eat a guava you need to select a ripe guava - though many people love the taste and firmness of a semi-ripe guava. The best option is to choose a guava which is firm but with slight gentle pressure it gives away – this can be really good for your teeth.

Now, the important task which you should never skip. You have to wash the guava thoroughly to get rid of dust and germs. You can use a fruit cleaner for the purpose or plain water.

You have to eat the guava just as you have an apple. Take small bites of the fruit – that’s all. It sometimes happens that the rind tastes a little bitter – but it is full of nutrients.

Other ways to eat guava:
• You can make small slices of this fruit in different designs. This looks extraordinary in a buffet table.
• You can include it in your fruit salad.
• Make juice of guava by blending it and then straining it with the help of a fine sieve so that seeds and other pieces of rind can be removed.

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How To Eat Guava In Different Ways