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Gelatin-based desserts

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Gelatin-based desserts                                                                                                                                                    These include jellies and cheesecakes. Gelatin is a granular powder which is obtained   from the bones of animals Powdered gelatin is mixed with hot water to dissolve the granules before it is added to the dessert mixture.Leaf gelatin is softened in cold water and then added to a hot mix.On cooling,the portion molecules entrap the moisture, this has a thickening effect. To hasten setting, the gelatin mixture usually refrigerated when cooled.Extra gelatin should be allowed for when sugar or an acid substance are added,both have a weakening effect on the gel structure.For this reason,acid fruits such as fresh pineapple and papaws must be precooked before being added to a gelatin mixture. when adding fruits to a jelly should be allowed to partially thicken ,otherwise the fruit pieces will sink to the bottom.    The normal ratio  is 4 g of gelatin for every 100 ml of liquid.Too much gelatin will give a tough and rubbery product. while too little will result in an insufficiently set product.Always wet the mould or bowl in witch the gelatin dessert is to be set so that  it may be easily turned out.   

Gelatin contains:

  • 84-90% protein

  • 1-2% mineral salts

  • 8-15% water

  • It is free from additives and preservatives


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Gelatin-based Desserts