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How to Clean Wax Off Apples?

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Do you want to get your hands on some real apples? Then you need to learn how to clean wax off apples. Have you always found those colorful and shiny, delectably succulent apples simply irresistible? Tempted? Don’t be! It is artificial wax that makes the apple shine like that. This wax is rubbed on to the apple to give it a shiny look, but beneath it there can be a variety of pesticides and other dirt that can be bad for you. Here is how you can clean wax off apples:

A tempting shiny apple - You still need to clean the wax of the apple before having it.

Some types of wax can be removed by washing but sometimes they tend to stick on because the artificial wax has adhered to natural wax that fruits like apple produce as a coating for protection.  To clean this wax off apples:

  • Wash the apple in lukewarm water and use a brush on its skin. You can also use a fruit or Veggie rinse like Fit.
  • Pour a little Apple Cider Vinegar into a shallow dish and mix with an equal amount of water, dip a cloth in the vinegar and wipe the apple with it. Wash the apple. You can also use White Vinegar in place of Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • You can also use a spray bottle and spray the water and vinegar mixture on to the apples. Leave the apples standing for 5 min and then wash them well, ensuring that there is no taste of vinegar left behind.
  • Add a little lemon juice to a bowl of water with some baking soda.  Wipe the apples with this mixture.
  • You can also wipe the apples with Vodka but it often leaves a distinct taste on the apples, if they are not washed thoroughly.
  • Finally, you can also try this. Keep them in the microwave for 30 sec after setting it to the Defrost mode. Then, all you have to do is clean the wax.


  • Many peel the apple skin off, but I prefer not to because I love the color they add. to my apple dishes and also I believe the skin has the most nutrients!
  • Please avoid using detergent on apple as it has a very porous skin.

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How To Clean Wax Off Apples?