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how to core an apple

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Coring an apple will be a fun activity if it is done in a fun way. There are many ways of coring the apple. The apple can be cored with the knife or with an apple corer.Come..we will see what is the technique behind coring an apple.

Coring an apple with a knife:

For coring an apple you will need a sharp knife and a spoon. Below are the instructions given to core an apple:

-Hold the apple in your hand and insert the knife into the apple from the top portion.

-Cut the apple into half and then remove the core.

-Once the apple is cut into two equal half, remove the seeds and fibrous sheathes from the spoon.

-Slice the apples as per the choice.

Coring an apple with an apple corer:

-Hold the apple into your hand.Position the corer with its teeth around the stem of the apple and push it straight through the centre of the apple. 

-Pull out the core and the seeds just with the twist of the wrist.

Apples can be cored with the apple cutter also. Apple cutter is useful only when the apples are peeled. Put the apple cutter over the apple and push it down through the apple; the cutter will cut the apple into wedges. Core will also be removed.

In all the techniques, be very careful while coring the apple.There might be some chances of hurting your fingers too.Take care and enjoy the apple..

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How To Core An Apple