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How to clean barbecue grill racks

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Cleaning your barbecue grills might not be as exciting as preparing delectable BBQ food, however dirty greasy barbecue grills with a buildup of meat juices and grease are potential store houses of food borne illnesses; keeping your grills clean is paramount in grilling food safe for consumption. Today I am going to share some easy tips on how to clean barbecue grill racks. 


• Like any other appliance regular cleaning and scrubbing of the barbecue grill racks is essential. This will prevent the accumulation of difficult to remove grease, grime and burnt food. For regular cleaning, after each cooking remove all the food from the grill and brush the hot grill with a wire brush to remove out any food or grease remnants. DO NOT use a plastic brush. 


• After every 4 or 5 uses clean your grill racks with soap water. For this allow the grill to cool, remove the grill racks and soak them in warm soapy water. Allow the grill racks to soak till the food particles loosen. Now remove the racks, scrub with a metal brush, rinse in cold water, and dry. Do not forget to remove the food and grease from inside the grill before returning the racks to the grill. 


Use a chemical cleaner to clean your barbecue grill racks only if absolutely necessary.• Many people recommend the use of vinegar instead of soap for cleaning barbecue grill racks. For this soak the barbecue grill racks in a solution of equal quantities of water and vinegar. Leave for 10mins and scrub with a folded aluminum foil or metal brush. You can also clean the insides of the grill and the grill exteriors by spraying them with vinegar-water solution before scrubbing with cotton rag. You need not rinse your grill after cleaning. 


• Cleaning the grates with regular soap or vinegar water might not be an efficient method after long hours of cooking. In such cases it is best to burn away all the food and grime from the grill. For this, fire up the grill to very high temperature and allow all the food and grease to burn away. This might take 15mins to 20mins. Once this is done, allow the grill to cool and brush away the white ash collected over the grill racks.


• However, if your grill is caked with grease and grime and none of the above methods help, you might have to use a chemical cleaning agent. However, remember to check if the chemical cleaner you are using is barbecue grill safe. Some chemical cleaning agents leave carcinogenic residues, which are more dangerous than grime and grease. Check the user’s manual of your grill before selecting the chemical cleaner.


Follow these simple steps and you will be able to enjoy all your favorite BBQ dishes without having to worry about the dangers of dirty barbecue grills.

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How To Clean Barbecue Grill Racks