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10 healthy comfort food recipe ideas

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When you’re down, it is most common to reach for comfort foods to make you feel better. It is rather easy to substitute nutrition for bad comfort food choices. Here are the top ten guilt-free comfort food recipe ideas that you can indulge in without feeling unhealthy and the risk of adding a few extra pounds.

1. Spaghetti squash- It is an amazing healthy comfort food! Spaghetti squash is a warm filling pasta-based meal packed with beta-carotene, Vitamin C&A, calcium, and iron. The texture of this comfort food is more or less similar to pasta but comes with added nutrients and less calories.
2. Creamy Soup- Yes, creamy soup makes an excellent healthy comfort food. During winter months we generally crave for creamy soup which has high fat content. Instead I would suggest you to go for low fat cheese and chicken broth (by replacing whole fat milk) to give it a distinctive flavor without the added calories.
3. Baked apples- If you crave for something sugary then baked apples are the answer to your prayer. Instead of chocolate bars bake an apple stuffed with dry fruits and give a nutritious treat to your body.
4. Herbal Tea— Herbal teas like Licorice, wort tea etc are healthy and have the ability to soothe the body making them a wonderful comfort food.
5. Macaroni and Cheese- Yes you read it right! Macaroni and cheese is a healthy comfort food but only when you use a combo of reduced-fat dairy products instead of full-fat, mild-flavored cheese.
6. Spaghetti and Meatballs—Just use a combination of ground turkey breast and low-fat turkey sausage instead of ground beef. For a super healthy meal serve this comfort food with whole wheat spaghetti.
7. Chocolate pudding—When you make this comfort food just substitute the regular chocolate with cocoa. Cocoa powder has less amount of fat and also rich in antioxidants than regular chocolate.
8. Mixed Berry Cobbler- Prepare this comfort food with whole-wheat flour and ground cornmeal which will make a healthy, low-cal crust. It comes with the goodness of berries that are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and filling fiber.

9. Chick Peas and Spinach Tapas-- Cooked with fresh spinach leaves, chick-peas, red bell peppers, fresh chives, lemons, grounded black pepper and a bit of oil Chick Peas and Spinach Tapas makes a yummy comfort food.  This comfort food is served as it is or chilled with toasted bread or as a stuffing for pies.
10. Dark Chocolate—Low fat dark chocolate makes an amazing comfort food. Some researcher even suggest that a moderate amount of low fat dark chocolate helps you to relax, makes you feel happy and also prolong your life.
Always remember, the idea is to live life to the fullest by eating healthy and staying fit rather than unlimited unhealthy eating and feeling like bloated whales. Choice is yours!
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10 Healthy Comfort Food Recipe Ideas