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Foods for this summer and a bikini friendly body

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There is nothing like consuming lots of fruits and water during this summer. What is so great about eating lots of fruits and vegetables in this sultry summer?

Summer foods

Eating lots of fruits before a meal can actually cut down your portion for the meal. So next time before your lunch or dinner, make this habit of eating fruits an hour before your meal. You will be surprised to see that you have consumed much less than what you normally consume.

Eat as much melons, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, coconut water, lemons etc. Consume the fruits that are available in large quantities in the market.

Celebrity diets a no-no for foodies

The celebrity diets spread from baby food to only vegetables but such kind of diets are special types and are consumed under supervision of a dietician and the pressure of star-image-demand. But for the rest of us who are non-stars are lucky enough to enjoy a normal diet.

What to do to wear those tiny things

You can also make it a habit of drinking juice or soup before your lunch and dinner; this will also impact your portion intake. So beat the summer with lots of fruits and juice. But keep away from milk shakes because that is high on calories and will not do any justice to your efforts in thinning down your waistline. Those who have a sweet tooth for shakes and sundaes need to be conscious about their waistline to sport a bikini in this summer.

Secret of a healthy body

The secret of enjoying a healthy diet is developing a taste for healthy food which is easy on stomach, filling and caters less to the taste buds.

 But you need not worry only if you can control your portion intake. Smaller portions of anything you consume is never harmful for your body unless you are diabetic or allergic to certain foods.

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Foods For This Summer And A Bikini Friendly Body