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Campari stem tomatoes!


Aren't these gorgeous?  We can cook eat and talk tomatoes all year long.  Please join my Tomato Group here on iFood.TV

 I grow over 100 Heirloom tomato varieties every year and would love to help any and all of you with growing, cooking,  and eating ideas and ways for the Love Apple!

Tomato season is winding down for most of us, in fact for some the beds are cleared and tilled already.  While our friends in the Southern Hemispshere like Chile, South Africa, Australia and such as just starting to plant out!  Perfection for a tomato lover like me would be to live 6 months in each hemisphere as I could grow tomatoes all year long.

Fortunately many Heirloom tomatoes are grown south of us in Central California all year round, and also such as the tasty Campari Tomatoes grown under glass in British Colombia are available all year round.  Granted not the same amazing flavours as those grown in our own garden, but tasty enough for salads without that bitter-seed, mealy and card-boardiness of many store bought hot house grown tomatoes.

Veg Tacos 529158-tomatoes.jpgv0Veggie TacosView Ephemeron's mapTaken in (See more photos here)Ingredients:
2 cans reduced sodium garbanzo beans2 tsp chipotle puree
1 packet Taco Seasoning (any brand)*
shredded lettuce
stone-ground corn tortillas, lard-free flour tortillas, or hard taco shells
diced tomatoesdiced Serranos or Jalapenos to taste
shredded cheese* (2% fat)
sour cream* (fat free like Fage Greek yogurt can be a substitute)
any other items you like on your taco like cilantro leaves

Directions: Combine garbanzo beans with taco mix. For juicier filling, use all liquid from garbanzo beans. For less juicy filling, use liquid from only one can. Simmer over medium heat for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Lightly mash the garbanzo beans with a fork or bean masher. This not only keeps them from rolling out of your taco shells, but gives them a ground beef-like texture. Heat the tortillas under a broiler or in a non-stick skillet. Spread some of the bean mixture on the tortilla, then top with the other ingredients. Enjoy!

* To make this a vegan dish, make sure the taco seasoning does not include whey or milk solids, and substitute vegan cheese, such as Vegan Gourmet, use fat free sour cream for healthier tacos

Campari tomato is a deep vibrant-red and 1 to 2 inches in diameter (about the size of a golf ball).

Salsa to be!

Because Campari tomatoes are grown in climate-controlled greenhouses and available year-round, they have changed the way people think about tomatoes. Taste tests revealed that 92 percent of shoppers preferred the taste of a Campari over a traditional field-grown tomato.

"Tomato Chile Jam: it's like sex, only hotter" (er....)

"Tomato Chile Jam: it's like sex, only sweeter" (hrrrm...)

or ?????????????????? 

Opps back to Campari tomatoes sans the hot stuff.

Shoppers said, “This tastes like my garden tomatoes,” and “I thought I could only get tomatoes like this in July.”

Campari tomatoes are sold in clusters on the vine and hand-picked to ensure peak freshness and flavor. The intense flavor and sweet flesh make them ideal for snacking, and the smaller size makes them perfectly suited for salads, bruschetta or salsa.

Thai'd Up Tomato Salad Recipe , Vegetables Recipes, Thai Recipes, Side Dish Recipesrecipe

To preserve that great tomato flavor, leave tomatoes on the vine after purchase and store at room temperature; refrigeration alters both flavor and texture. Campari tomatoes are available at supermarkets nationwide.

A kitchen favorite for years, tomatoes are a nutrition star as well.

Yemistes Domates me Rizi (Tomatoes Stuffed With Lamb and Rice ) Recipe , Main Dish Recipes, Vegetables Recipes, Mediterranean Recipes, Meat Recipes, Grains Recipes


A medium-sized Campari tomato, for example, has only 35 calories yet provides 50 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and 20 percent of vitamin A.

More importantly, all tomato varieties are a good source of the antioxidant lycopene, the carotenoid that gives tomatoes, pink grapefruit, watermelon and guava their red tones. Research has shown lycopene can help reduce the risk of several diseases.

Lycopene, and its cousin beta carotene, also found in tomatoes, help prevent oxidative cell damage. One study showed men who ate 10 or more servings of tomato products weekly had lower rates of prostate cancer.

In addition, lycopene helped reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure) in pregnant women and inadequate growth of the fetus in another study. Other studies suggest lycopene might be helpful in treating male infertility and preventing heart disease and exercise-induced asthma.

Here you see Lemon Boy and Plum Tomatoes canned and ready for Winter meals!

Now as we are left with green tomatoes on the vine in the garden-how about a favourite of grandma's - Fried Green Tomatoes-crusty with cornmeal?

Fried Green Tomatoes with Crème Fraîche Drizzle Recipe , American Recipes, Vegetables Recipes, Side Dish Recipes

Fried Green Tomatoes

for recipe

Now this is fun you layer Campari or other red tomatoes with Green Zebras in the jar.


Aren't all these gorgeous?  We can cook eat and talk tomatoes all year long.  Please join my Tomato Group here on iFood.TV

 I grow over 100 Heirloom tomato varieties every year and would love to help any and all of you with growing, cooking,  and eating ideas and ways for the Love Apple!

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The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Great Pictures !! I am going to try some of these ideas out, just today I brought home some campri tomatoes The Tortilla Guy
shantihhh's picture
Steve for store bought they are great do NOT put in refrigerator as it breaks down the sugar! The plum stem tomatoes at Costco are my daughter's favourites. I can over 100 jars each season, and in the winter opening a jar or two of varietal sauce is like opening a jar of summer sun! Join the tomato group! I am going to share just tomatoes for the group-recipes, growing-free seed bank - the tomato works! Shanti/Mary-Anne
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Never put the Tomatoes in the fridge !!!! And yes I am a member of the group - do alot of reading but more of a lurker for now, I promise I will get involved. Who knows I might have to have you send me a sample of your summer sun !!!! The Tortilla Guy
shantihhh's picture
Hey Want to grow your own, opps you are in NYC. Dang know anyone with a yard upstate? Hey you get out here to Cali and I'll feed you good healthy stuff including tomato something! Shanti/Mary-Anne
AnjaliD's picture
Tomatoes - what will I do without them. They are so versatile. I tried growing tomatoes in my yard once but I had a big jungle of tomato vines everywhere. That was the last time I tried growing my own :) Your pics looks very good. I should try making that fried green tomatoes. Anjali
CristinaA's picture
HI Mary-anne- Great photos and recipes. Well done!!! Cristina
shantihhh's picture
Thanks Cristina! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Wapite's picture
wapite Growing heirloom tomatoes is like bringing back my childhood. All we had then was "heirloom" tomatoes. My favorite after-school snack was bread buttered with home churned butter, sliced tomatoes, salt & sometimes slices of onion. My mother was a faboulous cook & we lived on home grown meats, vegetables & fruits. We lived in the Midwest (Ohio), my folks were farmers, but I am now a California girl. Although I am a true "farmer's daughter", MY daughter, Shantihhh (Mary Anne) got all the farmer genes. She grows SO many tomatoes. I' m lucky if I have 18 to 24 well-producing plants, but it's worth the struggle. We do live in different areas with slightly different California climates. How I hate to see tomato season end. Picked my last Sweet 100s & Sun Gold tomatoes recently, although my crazy vines are putting out blossoms again. LOL! Who knows, if our winter is mind enough, I may get a second crop. Ginny
vikas.kumar's picture
Fantastic pictures! What true, natural colours! Very well photographed, too.
RisaG's picture
Great article, Mary Anne! Boy those tomatoes look amazing, as do the recipes! Campari tomatoes are $4 a container at Shoprite. I bought some Ugly Ripe ones today and 2 plum tomatoes. My garden is now gone for the year, pulled all the green tomatoes (Earl of Edgecombe) and Chiles (Hades Hot), transplanted the 2 other chile plants in pots and brought them indoors along with the rosemary. Anyway, thanks for the article. Everything looks so yummy.
Culinaire's picture
beautiful blogging
tomato growing tips's picture
Tomatoes do need a little more attention then the other vegetables. However, for the little bit attention that tomatoes do need, you get an incredible reward in the large amount of fruit that they produce.
shantihhh's picture
I think tomatoes are so easy to grow! Do not overwater and I like to give them tall cages made of 6; 4" X 4' rebar. I bought it at Home Depot in a big roll. Then you decide the diameter you want for the cages, cut, be careful as the roll can spring up and hurt you! If you make varying sizes of cages you can nest then for winter storage. Some tomatoes like Stpice grow tall and slim, while other heirlooms such as Brandywine require a larger cage for their nassive growth and production. Learn to grow the best tomatoes and other veggies at Also a free seed bank and huge info files-all FREE! Keep growing your own and help others learn to also grow their own organic gardens.
Chef Jay's picture
The pictures are mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing. Feel free to visit my site for canning salsa tips and other recipes.
shantihhh's picture
It is a very interesting site. I was surprised to see it is The Agriculture Guide Organization. Turkey is a key country in agriculture! I also invite you all to my site to help learn to grow the #1 home garden vegetable-tomatoes. We even have a free seed bank, info files, etc.