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Iftar at Md. Ali Road, Mumbai

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On Tuesday, we went to Mohammed Ali Road In Mumbai. I'm very fond of the Jama Masjid area in Delhi for it's awesome Mughlai food...Md. Ali Road is its equivalent in Mumbai. We relished some of the best Tandoori fare.

The USP of this place is that every year it comes alive on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan and completely vanishes immediately after the 30th day of fasting. Traders come from different parts of the country to make profits. We tried our best to shoot a video but the place was too crowded and noisy. Have prepared a slide show of some very interesting pictures though...will be posting it soon. Meanwhile, pictures of a few delicacies..


Assortment of Bread

Paratha...rather a GIANT Paratha

Chicken Tikka Masala

Arabian Chicken Shewarma

Tandoori chicken

Assortment of kebabs

Gulab Jamun

Halwa (forgotten, which one)

Jalebi & Mava Jalebi

Savai or Sevian

Mal Pua


Happy Eating n Happy Eid!

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amazing! man - EID is my favorite festival and i hope i can celebrate with friends and family next year . This is a great picture blog and you should also see the one posted by ganesh on festivities at the Jama Masjid in Delhi Bon Appetite!
Nice blog & pic it gives information to my kids, how to celebrate Ramdan-Shareef in my India. Got information Bombay's Ramdan-shreef and got knowledge about Delhi Ramdan-shreef.Here in Karachi have a mix tradition of Ramdan.
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Very Good Pictures.
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Great photos, wish you could have done a video as the sounds would be awesome, can almost smell all this amazing food. Love your videos and photos. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Hi! There is a video...actually a slide show. You won't hear the sounds of the place though as i edited it to a song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Here's the link. Md Ali Road Mumbai. Hope you like it.
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tempting pictures......
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Vikas Saab - hoobsurat photos! Shookooriya for sharing these with everyone. Dazzling.
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Mouthwatering pics vikas. Mohammed Ali road is definitely the place to be during this time of the year. Missed it , have moved to visakhapatnam , andhra pradesh last month.
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Taste some of this delicacies
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Mouth-watering pics, man. Gotta go dis ramazan here for sure.
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Mouth-watering pics, man. Gotta go dis ramazan here for sure.
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Mouth-watering pics, man. Gotta go dis ramazan here for sure. By d way, m a total foodie. I love to eat, i live to eat and i leave to it !!! He he he!
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Hi, Very very nice pictures, it looks like all these can have in Ramzaan only.
Iftar At Md. Ali Road, Mumbai