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Chicken Legs & Thighs Are Good Food

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I've always liked chicken thighs better than the white meat portions because I think they have a better flavor.  Below is an interesting article from the Toledo Free Press about using chicken legs and thighs...

Chicken legs and thighs can make delicious and affordable dinnersBy Robert Holman
Special to Toledo Free Press

Please don't run. Please don't fly away. Let's open our eyes to the possibilities and come back to the bird with a renewed, fresh attitude.

I'm not talking white meat or wings, I want to look at the easiest to cook and most flavorful pieces of the bird — thighs and legs. With a little bit of TLC, these oft-neglected parts can be almost as healthy as white meat while adding a variety to your dinner options.

Generally, drumsticks can be found on sale for about a buck a pound. You are buying a lot of bone and skin so plan on two drumsticks for the recommend five-to-six-ounce serving. Consumers have become so attached to the boneless skinless breast that they may fear the drumstick as being too fatty.

But there is a solution: take off the skin. Skinless dark meat is has only about 25 percent more fat than white meat, and is much leaner than most cuts of pork or beef.



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I am with you Nikko, chiken thighs are by far the best part of a chicken. I use skinless chickn thighs when I do smoked Tandoori cstyle chicken-yum! Even for Gai Kaproa the Thai chicken and basil dish thigh meat is by far the best for flavour. To me the breast meat on US chickens is drier and has less flavour than the "white" meat. US breeders have bred chickens to have large breasts as Americans seem to like it the best and it increases the bone to meat to bone ratio, which of course results in profit. Whereas a long legged skinnier bird in other parts of the world has small breasts and the whole bird is much better and of course therefore is hormone free and healthier in most cases. OK off my little soap box for healthy foods.
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Chix legs and thighs are the best BBQ pieces too!
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so you like thighs?
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Yes I do... :) Nikko
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I bet you like the upper part of the thigh best...mmm...more meaty and tasty!
Chicken Legs & Thighs Are Good Food