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Colors & variations of Indian food

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Most people think Indian food's all about daal-roti and all sorts of veggies and just different colors of grass.Very few people across the globe know that Indian food is the richest in terms of recipes and dishes with all different regions having their own styles of cooking and serving.(I can ensure you that if you start travelling across India and start noting down the name of all dishes you come across,even 10 lives won't suffice!!)

If you prefer spicy food,Punjabi food,Mughalai food and curries are just right for you.Indian curries are offered by most International restaurants in their exotic food section.Other spicy offerings include paani-puri and Bhel-puri(had as a snacks) to name a few.If you go for the non-vegetarian delicacies,I don't think anything has been made as popular as the mouth-watering Lucknawi kababs and biryanis.If you prefer steamed food,there are dhoklas(steamed besan),idli(made of rice),steamed rice etc

If you come to sweets(I love them),India has no competition.Indians are known to have a sweet tooth and all regions offer a wide array of sweets to choose from.Indian festivals are never complete without sweets.There are various types of sweets to choose from--kheer,kaju barfi,,payasam,rasgulla and the delicious jalebis to name a few!

             This was just a brief up of the varieties of foods offered by India..There's a lot more to it!




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Colors & Variations Of Indian Food