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DMANBURGER "Pete's Tavern, New York"

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by dmanburger

After 17 years of living in this Gotham of delectable delights, I had suddenly realized that I had never patronized the iconic historical watering hole of Pete’s Tavern. As soon as I entered Pete’s I was welcomed into a environment and a mood that felt like home, including a bar teaming with good looking stylish after-work punters and charmingly sarcastic wait staff.

My party was seated in the rear of the restaurant and I quickly nestled in for an evening of good old American pub fare. My wavering decision of whether to go with the Kobe beef burger or the regular burger was quickly chosen for me by an impromptu vote at my table, which was in favor of ” classic Pete’s burger”.

After a short while my burger arrived perched on a bed of crispy French fries and oozing delicious cheddar cheese, my first bite was an explosion of charcoal and woody BBQ flavors that permeated through a juicy, yet firm meat patty. The bun was a soft and toasty sesame seed which melted in my mouth with every bite, the French fries were crispy and shoestring with every last one of them succumbing to my ferocious appetite. As I gazed at the various famous faces of past customers pictured on the walls overhead of me, I felt transfixed into a part of history and nostalgia that completed my New York Tavern experience.

With an A+ for atmosphere and an A- for cuisine, Pete’s Tavern should be on everyone’s list as a staple neighborhood burger hangout spot.

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DMANBURGER "Pete's Tavern, New York"