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The 5 Keys To Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating is about more than calories or following the latest dietary fad. Trends come and go. Healthy bodies have been around for thousands of years. By embracing your individuality, and learning how to apply the five keys of healthy eating to your own lifestyle, you can transcend these temporary fads and ease into a lifelong habit of living lean.

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The Five Keys To Healthy Eating

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shantihhh's picture
Why do I feel that I have just watched an info-mercial selling something? What are you trying to sell? Interesting, guess Lizzie Marie who is also filmed by Golden Summit is your daughter. Interesting. Food choices, healthy choices never begin too early. Eating fresh, eating local, and portion control-stay away from processed foods. That way doesn't cost anyone a cent more and actually fresh foods will cost you less than fast foods and processed foods-especially if you only eat until satisfied NOT full or stuffed! Healthy Choices in life should never be a diet! Portion control is huge. Sounds like Weight Watcher's Healthy Choices-but not an original idea. Well balanced diet of fresh fresh veggies, fruits, low fat dairy, healthy grains, and meats, seafood, and such as is your lifestyle and maintaining an active lifestyle-walk don't drive like most of the world does.
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Hi! Thank you so much for writing. It is very true - you DID watch an infomercial! All of my videos are information and I am selling something ... what, exactly? A healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, not too many people are buying that these days! That is the mission of Golden Summit ... to sell people on the idea that they can live healthy and that it is a choice, not a chore. I agree wholeheartedly about the healthy choices beginning early - we are 100% in agreement about it not being a diet. I appreciate your summary of the content because that is exactly my intention - balance, lifestyle, and more. I appreciate you and wish you health and abundance, Jeremy Likness
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Thanks for sharing this information! Great! Raquel
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Jeremy, for sharing the 5 tips. I don't need to lose fat/weight but I do want to stick to healthy eating. Your suggestions shall be very helpful. Also, must say that you obviously have great knowledge about your subject as well as a good command over the English've spoken for 10 minutes in a one-shot video without a single fumble!
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Thank you ... I believe everyone has that skill, but you must be "in flow." I had some great teachers ... many people prepare for presentations by having index cards and notes. This is the traditional way. The problem is that we're taught to always think about the thing to say and what gets us tongue-tied is worrying about "what's next." The truth is, if you are speaking from the heart about about something you know, then there is no reason to fear ... it's like the chicken and the egg ... what comes first? If you know that you know what you know, you can just let it out and let it flow without getting tied up worrying about saying the right thing. That is how I make all of my audio CDs and videos, and how my daughter (Lizzie Marie) does her presentations as well. We know what we know, and speak from the heart. Thanks for noticing! Have an abundant day, Jeremy
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You make it sound simple but trust me, you and your daughter do a great job. Best Wishes, Vikas.
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