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How To Like Foods You Hate

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Having to like foods that you really don’t like is something weird isn’t? Why do you have to like foods that you hate in the first place? Well, if you are obese or suffering from any disease you’ve got to do that. Why do you think weight loss dieting is so difficult? Most probably you’re asked to stop brunching on those favorite potato fries and survive on low calorie salads. You really hate them! Eventually, you don’t diet and ultimately you remain as obese as ever. Now coming to diabetics, I really pity them! Abstaining from desserts and surviving on bland tasteless cereals is a punishment(Of course these days  artificial sweeteners have made life much better for diabetics, but don’t forget that they are chemicals and its always better to go for natural food).  Start liking those cereals and you’ll have no problems.

Did you know that to like foods, all you’ve got to do is tune your mind towards liking them? Generally, we don’t like certain foods because we have inherent biased opinion about them formed due to childhood experiences. Let me give you an example of this. I generally like what my mom makes, but as a kid I used to hate greens. She’d always make boiled spinach and lettuce without adding any onion garlic or seasonings- she’d put only salt and chili powder and dish it out with rice. For years, I’d avoid greens. But one fine day, at a friend’s do, unknowingly, I had an accompaniment with my pasta that was simply marvelous? Do you know what it was? A beautiful bake of spinach with oodles of cheese and oregano seasonings with allspice! I was shocked at the revelation by my friend. I also realized that the food item was not the culprit in shaping my liking for it, but the way it was prepared was what made the difference.

Learn to like all foods and you’ll be a happy person. Here’s more on this from Summer Tomato.

Here’s a spinach and cheese dish from Thursday For Dinner that I really adore now.


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How To Like Foods You Hate