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Nuggets are fast foods made of meat or vegetarian ingredients. A nugget comprises of crispy fried or baked, breaded or batter-coated piece of meat or vegetables. The chicken nugget was the first nugget invented by a Cornell University professor.

Preparation of Nuggets

Nuggets are prepared by first chopping the meat or vegetable into bite sized pieces which are dipped in a batter of seasoned flour or bread crumb mixture after brushing with a binding agent. The nugget is then deep fried in oil. It can also be baked for a healthier version of the dish.

Nuggets are accompanied by sauces. The chicken version is best served with honey and mustard sauce, or sweet sour sauce.

Nuggets Recipes

Popular nuggets recipes include variants of the dish. Bean nuggets, first prepared by Mc .Donald, and Max Hamburgare’s Falafel Box consisting of falafel nuggets are widely eaten fast foods.