Chicken Paprika Dumpling

Chicken Paprika Dumpling is a traditional Hungarian dish that has two main components – Dumplings and Chicken which come together to produce a delicious side dish, the recipe to which has been handed down from generations.


It makes use of chicken breasts, diced onion, finely minced garlic cloves, sweet Hungarian paprika, onion powder, sour cream, chicken broth, salt and pepper, olive oil and flour. Dumplings are made using eggs, flour, salt and water.


Chicken cubes are stir-fried along with onions, garlic, paprika, onion powder, salt, pepper; then chicken broth is added in the pan. These are stirred well to mix. Water may be added if needed for the chicken to cook well.

Sauce is made by whisking together sour cream and flour until smooth. Some of the cooking liquid is added in the meantime and whisked until no lumps remain. This mixture is poured back into the cooking chicken liquid, and boiled until thick.

The chicken and dumplings are served piping hot over either egg noodles or rice.

Nutrition Information

A serving of ~ 180 g of the Chicken Paprika Dumpling provides-

· 507.9 calories with 299 calories from fat

· 33.2 g of total fat of which 12.4 g is saturated fat

· Cholesterol content of 118.1 mg

· 125.8 mg of Sodium

· Total carbohydrate content of 18.5 g with 2.4 g sugars and 3.4 g dietary fiber

· 34.5 g of protein

Fat content may be reduced by using low-fat sour cream and lean chicken with fat removed. Greens may be added for increasing fiber, Vitamin A, K, folic acid content along with iron.