Chicken Fricassee Dumpling

Chicken Fricassee Dumpling is a traditional Cuban comfort food consisting of fluffy dumplings in a creamy chicken stew. The two principle components – Chicken and Dumplings made with some interesting seasonings produce a fulfilling main dish that can be served alongside crusty garlic bread ideal to warm up on a cold day.


· Chicken, cut into medium size pieces

· Chicken broth or water

· chopped onion

· diced celery

· bay leaf

· salt and pepper

· flour

· Yellow food colouring, optional

For dumplings:

· sifted flour

· baking powder

· salt

· vegetable shortening

· chopped parsley

· chopped green onion

· beaten egg

· milk

· Garnish of parsley sprigs


The chicken is cooked in a large pot along with the broth, bay leaf, onion, celery, seasoned with salt and pepper. After bringing to a boil initially, it is simmered over reduced heat until chicken is tender. Flour mixed with water is added to thicken the liquid in pot. A few drops of yellow food colouring may be added.

For the dumplings, flour, baking powder and salt are sifted together in a large bowl; vegetable shortening is blended in. Beaten egg and milk mixture is mixed in followed by parsley and chopped green onion. This batter is dropped by the teaspoonful into the simmering chicken and then it is covered and allowed to steam until the dumplings are done. A final garnish with parsley completes the dish.

Nutritional Value

A serving size of ~ 140 g of the Chicken Fricassee Dumplings would provide-

· 230.5 calories with 130 calories from fat

• Total Fat content of 14.5 g with 4.2 g saturated fat

• Cholesterol content of 80.7 mg

• Sodium content of 117.7 mg

• Total carbohydrate content of 4.5 g with dietary fiber content of 0.1 g and 4.5 g sugars, the remainder being other carbohydrate components.

• Protein content of 19.82 g.

Nutritional Improvements

1. The Chicken Fricassee Dumpling is high in fat even though it happens to be a good source of carbohydrates and proteins. This needs to be toned down by the use of lesser amounts of fat.

2. Fiber value may be increased with the use of whole wheat flour for the dumplings, as well as adding some chopped spinach leaves to the stew.

3. Fresh dill herb, adds a refreshing flavor and aroma to the chicken stew. It acts as a digestive aid and being a good source of calcium promotes dental and bone health. The essential oils in it benefit respiratory problems, cough, allergies etc.