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Perigord Bacon Dumplings

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Mix 8 oz.
of flour with 5 oz.
of cornflour: a small handful of diced bread: the same quantity of diced green bacon (or mildly cured bacon if green bacon is not available): a grated clove of garlic: a pinch of salt: and a beaten egg.
Stir in the yolk of a second egg, and add the white, stiffly beaten.
Mix well, and then make dumplings of the mixture—about the size of an orange.
Boil a piece of boiling bacon in some cabbage soup .Half an hour before this is ready, drop the dumplings into the soup with it, and bring to the boil.
Serve the piece of bacon on the cabbage, with the dumplings arranged all round it in the dish.
The soup is served separately.

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Perigord Bacon Dumplings Recipe