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Weng Weng

Weng weng drink is a cocktail, which was originated in Philippines and is made by adding various alcohols such as rum, bourbon, vodka, scotch, tequila, brandy, orange juice, pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine. This drink appears orange in color, is a treat to the taste buds, and is relished by people all over the world. This cocktail is very strong so it should be consumed accordingly.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Weng Weng Cocktail

The prime ingredients that are suggested for this cocktail are gin, vodka, rum, scotch, brandy, and orange juice, and pineapple juice, dash of grenadine syrup, orange slice and cherry. For preparing weng weng drink, the initial step is to pour all the above ingredients such as brandy, rum, gin, vodka, scotch, orange juice and pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker where half of the shaker should consist of ice. The shaker is shaken thoroughly so that all the alcohols are mixed properly and then the drink is strained into a glass. Lastly, a dash of grenadine syrup is added on top of the cocktail and is garnished with a slice of orange and a cherry.

Serving Weng Weng Drink

This drink is served chilled and is poured onto different glasses by garnishing it with slice of orange or pineapple. It is also served by dropping a cherry on the bottom of the drink and is served in many parties.

Some Health Facts Related to Weng Weng Cocktail

This cocktail is not healthy as it contains many of the alcoholic drinks, which are mixed together, and is strong so it should be consumed in small doses that too occasionally. People suffering from liver disease should avoid Weng weng drink and the excess consumption of drink may lead to hangovers and headache.