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Raspberry Martini

Raspberry martini is a fruit flavored vodka based beverage which is popular in American cuisine. The cocktail makes use of raspberries infused vodka along with fresh or muddled raspberries. The beverage is usually bright red in color and when prepared traditionally tastes sweet and refreshing; however, the taste varies with the use of ingredients and choice.

Preparation Overview of Raspberry Martini

Ingredients- The ingredients required for raspberry martini include raspberry vodka, raspberry liqueur, lemon lime soda, ice, fresh raspberries and lemon wedges. DeKuyper Razzmatazz is an often used raspberry liqueur for the drink. Fruit juices like cranberry juice and strawberry juice are also used at times for making the drink. Seltzer is used for the beverage in place of alcohol for making a non-alcoholic raspberry martini.

Method of Preparation- Like other fruit flavored martinis, raspberry martini recipe is easy to follow and the drink can be made easily within ten minutes. The glasses for the drink are chilled and rimmed in cocktail sugar prior to the preparation of the drink. Crushed ice is shaken well with raspberry vodka, lemon lime soda and raspberry liqueur in martini shaker. The drink is strained and served in prepared martini glasses.

Serving Raspberry Martini

Raspberry martinis are usually served on the rocks or in a slush form with garnishing of floating raspberries or lemon wedges or fruit slices. Drink umbrellas and flowers are also used at times for making the drink look more appealing.

Foods Pairing With Raspberry Martini

Fried foods and crisps taste good when served with chilled raspberry martini. Cheesy and salty snacks, crackers and spicy meat starters also pair well with this sweet tasting cocktail.

Raspberry Martini Nutrition Facts

There are approximately 185 calories in one glass serving of raspberry martini. The sugar content in the drink is 9 grams whereas the sodium content ranges up to 5 grams in a glass full of raspberry martini.

Popular Raspberry Martini Recipe Variations

  • Chocolate raspberry martini- This cocktail is prepared by combining raspberry vodka with Irish Cream and Crème de Cacao. The chocolate syrup is rimmed on the glasses and the drink is prepared by shaking the other ingredients well in martini shaker.

  • Raspberry lemon drop martini- It is a delicious cocktail which is usually served in summer parties. The drink is easy to make and combines Citroen Vodka, simple syrup, lemon juice and Chambord.

  • Blue raspberry martini- It is yet another popular variation to classic raspberry martini recipe. The drink is prepared by mixing Absolut vodka with lime juice, simple syrup, muddled raspberry and blueberry liqueur.