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Pink Lady

Pink Lady drink is a traditional gin based cocktail and this originated as a drink for "ladies" for variousspecial occasions.It is also called the ‘Girly drink’ due to its name, color, ingredients, and texture. The drink is believed to have originated in 1930s. The pink color and frothy top cocktail is a blend of coffee cream, egg white, lime juice, gin, and Grenadine syrup. Since the Pink Lady drink recipe is mostly consumed by women who do not have much experience with alcohol. The Pink Lady cocktail is a signature drink in Singapore although its popularity is worldwide.

Origin of Pink Lady drink

The Pink Lady cocktail is said to have been originated in the early 1930s and it is claimed to be created by Lady Mendl in the summer of1933.The traditional Pink lady drink has been recreated and has evolved with time. Then back in the late 30’s it was a blend of Plymouth Gin, Applejack, Lemon Juice, Egg White, and Pomegranate Grenadine.

Ingredients used and popular method of Preparing Pink Lady drink

This pink lady drink consists of egg white, coffee cream, grenadine syrup and a dash of gin. The ingredients are poured into a cocktail shaker together, where it is stirred and shaken vigorously. It has to be noted that the outside of the shaker has to be chilled because of the presence of egg whites.The egg white also makes a great foamy top to the Pink Lady drinkgiving it the texture and color. The cocktail is then strained and served in a cocktail glass. It is commonly garnished with Lemon slices or Maraschino Cherry.

Serving the Pink Lady drink

Pink lady cocktail is usually served in a stem cocktail glass or a tulip glass and is served chilled but without ice cubes. The cocktail glass is usually garnished with lemon wedge, strawberries or cherry.Pink lady drink can be served along with pink pickled onions, pink lemonade salad, or any other cocktail snack.

Variations to Pink Lady drink

Many variations of the Pink Lady drink have been developed over the years sincethe drink was first created. It has evolved and variations have been brought to the original cocktail. The Pink Lady cocktail can served with Vodka or Milibu instead of the Gin. The Pink Lady drink is commonly served on the Valentine’s Day.