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Pegu cocktail is a classic drink, invented in Burma. It is a gin based drink and is perfect for hot to very hot weather conditions. It is a refreshing drink named after the Pegu club. The Pegu drink has a bitter and sweet taste. It is sour too due to the lime juice. This cocktail has its roots in the pre World War II era. Indeed, it is a classic drink and was quite famous among Britishers back then.

History of Pegu Drink

Rudyard Kipling wrote about the Pegu, which is a signature drink of the Pegu club. This cocktail was invented before World War II and has gained popularity all over the world. It was forgotten for sometime, but is regaining popularity now.

Ingredients of Pegu

This cocktail is made from gin, limejuice, orange liqueur, and angostura bitters. The orange liqueur could be cointreau, curacao or triple sec. The original recipe; however, was quite different. It included bitter tonic containing quinine, which is a medicine for malaria. Quinine is not added to the the Pegu cocktail now.

Preparation and Serving Method of Pegu Drink

The ingredients are mixed in a cocktail shaker and shaken vigorously. The Pegu cocktail is served in a chilled glass garnished with lime peel or a wedge of lemon.