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Orange Martini

Orange martini, also known as orangetini or orange-tini, is a flavored martini which is a ladies favorite alcoholic drink. Orange in color, the drink has a refreshing taste and is commonly relished in Western countries during summer days. The drink, when prepared in a traditional way, has a sweet and sour natural flavor. The taste however varies with the choice and the drink can be made both sweet and strong.

History and Origin of Orange Martini

Although the exact time and origin of orangetini is unknown, the drink is considered to be one of the oldest flavored martinis. The orange bitters are being used since a long time for flavoring martinis and are used till date as an important bar ingredient.

Ingredients Used In Preparation of Orange Martini

Orange Martini is usually made with orange flavored vodka, Triple Sec, orange bitters, orange juice, vermouth, lemon juice and ice. Grand Marnier, Cointreau, and curacao are some of the orange liqueurs besides Triple Sec which are used for the martinis. The juice of orange is usually derived from blood oranges or mandarin oranges.

There are different recipes for orange martini and each calls for a different set of base alcohol with different measurements. Champagne and sparkling wine is used at times to make orange martini richer and flavorful.

Orange Martini Preparation Overview

Orangetini, like other cocktails is easy to make and takes less than ten minutes for its preparation. The ingredients are filled in cocktail shaker and shaken vigorously. The mixture is strained and poured into tall martini glasses, the rims of which are already lined with powdered sugar and orange juice.

Care is taken however to ensure that the correct measurements are used for making the drink.

Popular Orangetini Recipe Variations

Blood Orange Martini- This classic cocktail makes a refreshing spring drink. The blood oranges are seasonal and are available from January to April every year. The orange juice is mixed vigorously with citrus flavored vodka and simple syrup common syrup for all cocktails) and served cold in Martini glasses with garnishing of dried segments of orange.

Chocolate and orange martini- A refreshing and delicious drink prepared by combining orange liqueur with vodka and ice. The rim of the glass is covered with melted chocolate and kept for setting. Once done, the ingredients are mixed and martini is served in the prepared glasses.

Spiced orange martini- It is a refreshing martini flavored with orange bitters and grated nutmeg and ginger. The drink is usually consumed free of alcohol and is mostly served at beach parties.