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Onion Martini

Onion martini is a martini which makes use of onion as one of its main ingredients. The onions used for making the martini are usually in pickled form and are also known as cocktail onion.

A cocktail onion is a pearl onion that is soaked in brine along with a pinch of paprika and turmeric. These onions taste sweet and add a crunch flavor to the drink on being used for garnishing instead of olives. White Bermuda and usual small-sized pungent onions are also sometimes used as cocktail onions.

Besides, onion juice is also used for making onion martinis.

Some onion martini recipes make use of onion soaked in vermouth or vinegar.

Preparation Overview of Onion Martini

Ingredients- The ingredients required for onion martini include alcohol, ice and cocktail onions. Gin vermouth or vodka are the most commonly used alcohols for making onion martini.

Method of Preparation- Like other martinis, onion martini does not take much time and can be prepared easily. The alcohols are mixed in correct proportions along with the ice and poured into martini glasses. Cocktail onion is used as a garnish for the drink.

Food Pairing With Onion Martini

Onion martini is usually strong tasting and pairs well with cheese. A cheese platter is usually served with the cocktail. Besides, creamed spinach, buttery mild tasting chicken and sea foods also pair well with onion martini.

Popular Onion Martini Recipe Variations

Gibson Martini - Gibson martini is a classic cocktail drink made by mixing vodka or gin with dry vermouth. The drink is made by mixing alcohol with ice; however, the ice is removed as the drink is not served on the rocks. Cocktail onions are used for garnishing Gibson cocktail.

Pearl onion infused martini – The pearl onions are soaked in vodka and left for few hours prior to making the drink. Once the alcohol is infused with onion flavor, it is mixed with dry vermouth and ice. Cocktail onion or lime is used for garnishing the drink.

Lemony onion martini- It is a strong flavored alcoholic drink prepared by combining gin or vodka with dry vermouth, lemon juice and a tinge of onion juice.

Onion Martini- Trivia

Vodka martini and raw onion are often related to Ukraine.