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Mocktail is a kind of drink that is a combination of various drinks like cocktail but does not contain any alcohol. This drink is basically a ‘mock cocktail’. Mocktail recipes may include any flavored drink or other ingredients excluding alcohol, which makes it a welcome substitute for those who don’t prefer alcohol.

The vibrant colors and exotic flavors of the drink make it quite popular among party drinks. These drinks are even fondly served at family get-togethers where usually alcoholic drinks are not allowed. Children and ladies may also relish them with pleasure.

There are many common and popular mocktail recipes that can be found at any party. Some of them are coco colada, cardinal punch and planter’s punch.

History and Origin of Mocktails

There is no specific evidence related to the history and of mocktail, but it seems that these non-alcoholic cocktails are invented for the pleasure of people who don’t prefer alcohol. There are many classic recipes of mocktail that gives an impression that the tradition of serving non-alcoholic drinks is quite old.

Ingredients Prescribed by Mocktail Recipes

There is a long list of ingredients used in making mocktail. Fruit juices are the main component of the drink that not only provides the taste but also gives a health factor to the beverage. Lemon juice, pineapple juice, orange juice and apple juice are very common in making any kind of mocktail. Usually, packaged juices are included, but fresh fruits are also crushed to give a refreshing taste. Along with juices, other beverages such as coke and sprite are popularly used to give fizz to the drink. In few recipes, plain soda is also incorporated.

Iced tea and ginger ale are very good companions of any kind of juice or can be used along with other ingredients such as lemonade or lime cordial. To make some rich and creamy mocktails, ice cream, coconut cream/milk or mashed banana is usually inculcated.

Chocolate syrup, milk and coffee are particularly used to make the drinks or the people who like to have a warm kind of mocktail. These ingredients may also be used to make chilled and frozen drinks.

Method of Preparation of Mocktails

The preparation of mocktail is quite easy. A proper blending is very much required for this type of drink. One thing that should be kept in mind while preparing mocktail is the selection of appropriate ingredients. Which juice will go well with which ingredient should always there in mind while making a non-alcoholic drink.

In few recipes, blender is required for crushing the fresh fruits. Mixing of ingredients plays an important role in making any kind of mocktail recipe.

Serving of Mocktails

The presentation and serving of the mocktail is a very interesting task. Like other drinks, this drink is also served before meals, though it can go till the main course. Usually, mocktail is merely a juice, hence it is very light at the palate and can be taken twice or thrice in due course of meal.

Especially, vibrant colors and attractive glassware are chosen for the presentation of the drink. Slices of cut fruits, especially cherries, lemon rinds and pineapple slices are used for decorating the mocktail glasses. Many other accessories, such as colorful stirrers, attractive straws and designer spoons are used to enhance the visual appeal of the drink.

Health Fact Related to the Mocktail Recipes

Mocktail is a healthy drink as it contains only fruit juices and other beneficial ingredients such as fresh fruits, milk and cream. Though packaged juices contain added sugar and preservatives that are not good for health, but fresh ingredients may be added to improve the quality of the drink.