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Lavender Martini

Lavender martini is a refreshing cocktail prepared by using lavender as one of its ingredients. Lavender is an aromatic herb which is commonly used in Spanish cuisine. The herb is known for its manifold benefits and is mostly used in perfumes and essential oils. This small sized purple color herb is available in almost 300 varieties in different parts of the world. Culinary lavender is one of the varieties that are used for making martinis.

Lavender martinis usually have a light color, sweet aroma and refreshing taste. These cocktails are relished throughout the year and are mostly popular with women.

Preparation Overview of Lavender Martini

Ingredients- The ingredients used for lavender martini recipe include gin, dry vermouth, lavender simple syrup, orange bitters and lavender sprigs. Bombay Sapphire Gin complements the flavor of lavender and is commonly used for making lavender martini.

Method of Preparation – Like other flavored martinis, lavender martini recipe is easy to follow and does not take more than 10 minutes. However, if lavender syrup is used for making the drink, the preparation takes some time. Lavender syrup is liquid infused with flavors of lavender and is commonly prepared by boiling fresh or dried lavender flowers along with sugar. The herbal concoction prepared is strained and refrigerated. The syrup stays good in the refrigerator for three days.

For making the drink, the glasses are prepared by chilling and rimming with cocktail sugar. All the ingredients are mixed vigorously in martini shaker, strained and finally poured into prepared glasses.

Serving Lavender Martini

Lavender martini is usually served cold. The drink is garnished with lemon wedges or lavender flowers or drink umbrellas.

Food Pairing With Lavender Martini

The mild and fragrant lavender martini tastes good when served with fresh fruit platter. Raspberries, watermelon, lychees and papaya fruits are often relished with the drink. Cheese crackers and light snacks are also served at times with lavender martini.

Popular Lavender Martini recipe variations

Lavender Pear Martini- This martini is a tasteful combination of lavender syrup and pear nectar. Vodka and ice are also mixed with the nectar and syrup to make a flavorful lavender drink.

Lavender blueberry bonnet- Lavender complements the taste of blueberry flavor and this cool and refreshing martini is prepared by mixing vodka, Cointreau, lavender liqueur with blueberry sauce and ice.

Lavender lemonade- Usually prepared without alcohol, the martini tastes great on a hot summer afternoon. The fresh blossoms of lavender are combined with lemon juice, honey and ice to make this intoxicating drink.

Lady lush lavender martini- It is a tasteful lavender martini commonly relished by women at formal day parties. Coco Lopez (coconut cream), Chambord (raspberry liqueur), White rum, vanilla ice cream and ice are blended well to make this drink. Lady lush lavender martini is served in tall glasses with garnishing of chip chocolates.