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The Joker drink is a very popular cocktail prepared from whiskey and gin and traditionally served in cocktail glasses.

Joker Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients Used and Method of Preparation

The ingredients that go into the making of Joker drink include 2 parts of Gin for a part of whiskey. The drink is prepared in a mixing glass, where both the ingredients are stirred to mix and then strained into the serving glass.

Serving Joker Cocktail

A cocktail glass is the most preferred choice when it comes to serve the Joker cocktail drink and one of the most popular traditions to chill the glass before pouring the drink in it. A red maraschino cherry is more commonly used for serving Joker than any other. Old fashioned glasses also make a good choice for serving

Popular Variations in Joker Cocktail Recipe

A common variation of the Joker drink is made by mixing equal shots of vodka, advocaat, cointreau with thrice more shots of a carbonated orange drink. Lemonade is also often stirred into this drink before being served. There is yet another version of the Joker cocktail recipe which suggests scotch and orange curacao along with the basic ingredient - vodka.

Joker Cocktails: Trivia

  • Although not a variation, but a similarly named drink called Malibu Joker cocktail also exists, created by concocting Blue Curacao and peach schnapps with orange juice and Malibu.
  • A very popular bar with the same name and called “Joker Cocktail Bar” is located in the scenic Greek island of Zante.