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Jack Rose

Jack Rose cocktail refers to a classic cocktail drink, in rage during the 1920s and 30s, consisting of grenadine, applejack and lime juice or lemon. It is deep red in color containing deep flavors of applejack with hints of lime or lemon.

History of Jack Rose Drink

There are many theories that account to the origin of Jack Rose. There is theory that claims that the drink has been named after or probably invented by, Bald Jack Rose the notorious gambler. There is an account related by the author of Old Waldorf Bar Days, 1931 Albert Stevens Crockett that the drink was called so after the pink "Jacquemot" also called as Jacque or Jacqueminot rose. There is also an assumption positioning the invention of the Jack Rose drink by a Newark New Jersey restaurateur called Joseph P. Rose and hence christened by him after the defendant of a trial taking place at the courthouse in the city. Although the nearest account of the origin of the name is the detail that it is prepared using applejack and the rose color comes from grenadine.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation: Jack Rose Recipe

Jack Rose is prepared using applejack, fresh lemon juice, grenadine and lemon twist. The ingredients are collected into a cocktail shaker along with ice. Thereafter the mixture is shaken well and strained into a chilled cocktail glass. Lemon twist is used to garnish the drink.

Serving and Drinking Jack Rose Drink

Jack Rose cocktail is served straight up without ice. The standard garnish used for the cocktail is cherry or apple slice and the glass that used to serve the drink is typically a cocktail glass.

Popular Jack Rose RecipeVariations

The flavors in Jack Rose can very well be adjusted subtly not causing any effect on the color of the drink by replacing crème de noyaux, cherry brandy, Chambord or any similar red liqueur in lieu of grenadine. In fact cocktails using applejack were initially prepared out of the distinct North American potable applejack, which happens to be between 80 and 100 proof brandy that has been around two years using wood. Alternately Jack Rose cocktail recipe variations can also make use of lemon juice, pomegranate syruo and apple brandy.