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Jack And Coke

Jack and Coke is a classic American cocktail which is fixed by combining coke soda with Jack Daniel’s whiskey and is popped with ice. In UK the drink is popularly called “JD and Coke” and “Kentucky Freedom” which is served in the Collins glass or old-fashioned glass. The Jack Coke is a type of highball cocktail which is fixed by mixing alcoholic drink with large portion of non-alcoholic drink base. JD is popularly served throughout the North American bars. The Jack and Coke or Jack and Cola is mostly associated with patriotic supporters and military personnel. Coco Cola has not endorsed or contributed to this recipe yet. Following Jack Daniels Collectors website it is believed that the distillery sold this drink in cans and bottles in Europe and Australia.

The beverage got its form and name from a combined effort by Jack Daniels and Coco Cola by combining ingredients such as coke and Jack Daniels whiskey. Jack Daniels released several products along with this beverage. Harping from the wave of popularity Jack Daniels also developed a beverage called “Jack Daniels and Cola” and marketed it in South Pacific nations.

Basic Jack Coke Recipe
The basic jack and coke is fixed by combining the ingredients such as Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey with large amounts of Coco Cola. Similarly some interesting variations are made to the original recipe by increasing the proportions of its combining ingredients.

  • Double Jack and Coke: This drink is fixed by doubling the amount of whiskey with coke.
  • Whiskey Hutch: This Jack coke variation is fixed by combining whiskey with ice, cherry, lime and coke.
  • Bloody Jack Cocktail: As name suggests this variant of the Jack and Coke, Jack Daniels whiskey and Rose’s Grenadine.
  • Bacardi and Coke: As the name suggests this popular variant of the Jack and Coke is fixed by combining the Bacardi rum with coke.