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Hurricane Drink is one of the sweetest cocktails made out of rum, fruit juice, and syrup or grenadine. The cocktail was invented in the 1940s in New Orleans by Pat O'Brien at his own French quarter bar. The drink has evolved much over time, as in the original Hurricane Passion fruit was used as a fruit punch. In the recent years various other fruit juices are added to the drink. The Hurricane cocktail is the most popular drink in New Orleans even today and it is mostly taken by people during the celebrations of Mardi Gras. The drink plays a vital role on the street parties that are organized during the celebrations.

Origin Of Hurricane Cocktail

The Hurricane cocktail was made during the Second World War time. During that period liquor including scotch and whiskey was supplied at a lower rate. The bar owners used to order large amounts of rum for the replacement of scotch and whiskey. The drink was first made at the Pat O'Brien's French quarter bar by mixing rum and Passion fruit juice. It was served in hurricane lamp glass to the sailors. Pat O'Brien's signature cocktail became an instant hit and was renowned as a typical fruit punch drink.

Ingredients Used and Popular Method Of Preparing Hurricane Cocktail

The basic Hurricane Cocktail ingredients include Lemon juice, Dark rum, and Passion Fruit Syrup. The above mentioned ingredients are poured into a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and mixed thoroughly. Later it is poured into a Hurricane cocktail glass and garnished with Orange or Lime slices and maraschino cherry.

Popular Variations To The Hurricane Cocktail

There are multiple variations to the drink and one of the most common variant is a cocktail from Bahamas with the same name. The drink consists of Coffee liqueur, rum, Irish cream, and Grand Mariner. Yet another popular variation to the drink is made by adding light rum, vanilla liqueur, cranberry juice, orange juice and lime juice.