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Holiday Drink

Holiday drinks are typically prepared on holidays or special occasions. Alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic beverages and even cocktails are included in the category of holiday drinks. Various festivals, fun holidays and National holidays are there in every culture and along with holiday foods, a range of drinks is also present to give company to the lavish meal.

Pomegranate sparklers, champagne punch, strawberry martini and peppermint twist are some of the commonly served drinks in holiday season.

Origin and History of Holiday Drink

The exact origin of holiday drinks is not known, but there is a tradition in Western countries to raise a toast before the beginning of the party. Usually, this holiday drink is alcoholic and served as an appetizer before meals. In olden times, holiday drinks are not very lavish and extravagant. Simple wine, champagne and martinis and served as celebration drinks.

Ingredients Prescribed by Holiday Drink

Holiday drinks are usually prepared by mixing one of two drinks. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are prepared to be served as holiday drink. Alcoholic cocktail is made with one alcohol including vodka, champagne, wine or even whiskey. Beverages such as fruit juice, aerated drinks and soda are typically used to flavor the alcohol.

Holiday drinks are decorated with fresh fruits, cream and even hot chocolate drinks. Non-alcoholic drinks mainly include hot chocolate drinks, peppermint flavored beverages and adorned with ginger snaps and eggnog. Apple cider and orange juice are the most popular beverages among holiday drinks. Coconut cream, coffee liquer and many such unique ingredients are used to make holiday drink a high spirited drink.

Methods of Preparation of Holiday Drink

Mixing is the main method used for making various holiday drinks. Usually, all cocktails calls for this method. Garnishing is the main feature of the holiday drinks as this adds the lavishness to the drink. Various colorful fruits and toppings are incorporated to provide festive touch to the holiday drink.

Few hot drinks such as coffee based drinks require little cooking.

Serving of Holiday Drink

Holiday drinks are typically served in festive glass wares with exotic garnishes. A stir stick is generally put in the cocktails glass to facilitate the mixing. The glass wares used are typically selected according to the holiday drink. Wine glasses are usually different from champagne and cocktail glasses. Fruit juice is served in different style of glasses. All these points should be kept in mind while serving holiday drinks.
Few drinks are ‘appetif’ whereas some are served along with main course. Food should also be properly paired with the drinks to give pleasant touch to the party.

Nutrition Facts Related to Holiday Drink

Holiday drinks are usually filled with alcohol and sweet ingredients that are not good for health. In case a holiday drink is consumed in moderation then it would be better for the wellbeing.