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Herb Cocktail

A herb cocktail is an alcoholic drink made with a mix of herbs and spices. The herb cocktail can be made by using several herbs such as rosemary, parsley, sage, mint, cilantro, basil, lavender, and much more. These drinks acquire the taste of the particular herb that is used. Some of the popular herb cocktails are Mojito, mint julep, raspberry lemonade, and lavender lemonade.


The idea of cocktail seems to have evolved in the early 1800s. A variety of cocktails have been made ever since, and consequently, this has given rise to the idea of herb cocktail, a drink using one or more of the several herbs and spices.

Ingredients Used and Preparation

A herb cocktail typically consists of a herb, alcohol, sugar, water, and ice cubes.

It is usually made in the following way:

  • The herbs and sugar are mixed.
  • The juice is extracted from the herb.
  • It is added to the other ingredients in a pitcher.
  • The mixture is then refrigerated until cold.
  • The drink may be garnished with herb sprigs.


The herb cocktail is served in highball glasses or cocktail glasses. Herb sprigs, melon balls, or wedges can be added to the glass to make it look more attractive.

Popular Variations

There are several variations of herb cocktails. The mojito recipe calls for the use of mint, white rum, lime, powdered sugar, mint leaves, and club soda. The raspberry lemonade is made by extracting the juice of raspberries and lemon and stirring in some alcohol. The mint julep recipe uses mint sprigs, sugar cubes, bourbon, and sprigs for garnishing.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Herbs are known to be good for the health in many ways. Each herb is beneficial in a unique way. For example, mint is known to promote digestion and relieve nausea and headache. It also acts as a breath freshener and germicide. Lavender is used as a medicine for hair loss, depression, and insomnia.


Most of the herb cocktails make use of commonly available herbs, and these can be grown at home in a garden.