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Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger is a spirited beverage based on vodka, vanilla flavored liqueur and orange juice. It is a flavored alcoholic drink and favorite among the cocktail lovers and the enthusiast of the pop-culture. The drink is made with easy-to follow steps and does not require any bartending expertise. However, proper mixing and proportionate ingredients are needed for any heady drink.

History and Origin of Harvey Wallbanger Recipe

Like other famous alcoholic drinks, there are many stories pondered for the origin of Harvey Wallbanger. The simple and understandable theory is the creation of the drink by Bill Doner, a bartender working in The Office of Newport Beach in California.

This is another funny story that is hard to believe but still persists. It starts with a Californian surfer ‘Harvey’, who regularly use to visit a bar. One day after loosing the surfing championship he had too many screwdrivers flavored with vanilla liqueur. He liked the drink after being drunk he stumbled into the wall and since then he himself along with the drink became famous as ‘Harvey Wallbanger’.

However, the actual invention of the drink dates back to 1952, when Donato Antone with his expert mixology, developed Harvey Wallbanger recipe.

Harvey Wallbanger Recipe : Preparation Overview

Harvey Wallbanger is a true example of great mixology. Vodka is perfectly blended with orange juice and spiked with Galliano, to make this drink.

Galliano is the major component of Harvey Wallbanger that not only enhances the flavor, but also bestows a zest to the drink.

To understand Galliano, it must be known that this vodka flavored liqueur comes in a distinctive long-necked bottle from which the yellow colored liqueur is clearly visible and shines through. This flavored liqueur compliments the Harvey Wallbanger recipe when it is floating on the top. It is a versatile ingredient that fancies many drinks throughout the world.

The perfect drink is prepared by mixing the 1 oz. vodka with 4 oz. orange juice and topped with ½ oz. Galliano. The combination is directly mixed in the glasses along with ice. Galliano should always be added in the end to make it float on the top.

Serving of Harvey Wallbanger

Collins glass is highly suitable for Harvey Wallbanger recipe. Being a thin, tall and straight glass, Collins glassware is extremely popular for serving screwdrivers and other fizz drinks. It is a versatile glass that suits with Harvey Wallbanger.

Serve this drink on the rocks to experience the chilled vanilla flavor of the drink. Various finger foods such as fried peanuts, fish finger and chips can ideally be served with Harvey Wallbanger.

Harvey Wallbanger: Trivia

Wallbanger in the name Harvey Wallbanger is said to be associated with the incident of the surfer banging the wall of the bar after being drunk.