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Green Dragon

The Green Dragon Drink is essentially a tincture which is made by leaching the buds, leaves or stems of the cannabis plant in either glycerin or high-proof alcohol. As the drink is made from marijuana, it is green in color and thus the name. Also, it is a very potent drink as it combines alcohol and cannabis. It is, therefore, not recommended straight up or in large quantities. Largely regarded an enjoyable tincture, it tastes good and for many, it is a simple and cost effective way to enjoy weed while eliminating the additional harm caused by smoking.
In strict terms, the Green Dragon drink can be classified as a cocktail or an alcoholic beverage but it is generally not intended for consumption in amounts which are considered typical for most distilled spirits. For example, while a 50ml vodka shot is regarded alright, a 50 ml shot of the Green Dragon would be largely discouraged.

Origin of the Green Dragon Recipe
Although the Green Dragon drink has been around for quite a few decades, its exact origin is largely unknown. Whatever little details that are known are hazy and sketchy. This has led to many theories cropping up about how the drink came into being. Different people believe and retell different versions. Largely popular in the Western world, the drink is now slowly finding its way to other parts of the globe.

Ingredients Prescribed by Green Dragon Recipe
Marijuana and alcohol are the two main, and mostly only, ingredients used in the preparation of the Green Dragon drink. The alcohol extracts the THC from the marijuana and then the resulting mixture is added to the alcohol of preference. As it is not advisable to consume the drink straight, soda or soft drinks are often added to the Green Dragon. This not only makes the drink safer to consume, but also brings down its potency.

Preparation Method as per Green Dragon Recipe
There are two most widely known and used methods to make the Green Dragon drink - the by-hand method and the stove method. While the former requires the preparer to clean, separate and extract the marijuana by hand and even mix the alcohol and other ingredients manually, the latter involves placing all ingredients on a stove and cooking them.

The by-hand method is lengthier, but it is much safer than the stove method. Also, the harmful effects of marijuana are known to increase when it is heated. The by-hand preparation method for the Green Dragon Drink is, therefore, better and more preferred.

Green Dragon Recipe: Serving and Drinking
Depending upon individual preferences and tastes, the Green Dragon drink can be served at room temperature or chilled. It is hardly ever consumed straight up and generally mixed with soda or soft drinks. Although it’s strictly not recommended, some people prefer shots of Green Dragon. Mostly, however, the drink is served as a cocktail and consumed like one.