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Daiquiri is a Latin American cocktail made from rum, lime juice and sugar with lots of crushed ice. The fact of the easy availability of rum all round the world resulted in popularizing the drink. The original color of the daiquiri recipe is red, white and blue which reflect its origination from U.S.A. The traditional alcoholic drink can be replaced with a non-alcoholic drink which is equally tasty and comforting. Daiquiri is prepared by excluding the rum and using a variety of fresh fruits to make a delicious fruit cocktail. Fruits like strawberry and blueberry are most commonly used. It is a drink which has been beautifully described with many variations in a book ‘The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’ by D.A. Embury. The Canchanchara, a cocktail variety, is supposed to be a favorite drink in army and navy as it gives a general relaxation from the body pains. The recipe, of whichever combination is served in a long wine glass with lots of crushed ice. It is a delightful drink to be experienced on a pool side on a hot summer afternoon.

Origin of Daiquiri Recipe
Daiquiri is the cocktail with of American origin. It is also the name of a beach near Santiago where the beverage is very popular. The drink is supposed to have invented in the island of Cuba in around 20th century.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Daiquiri
Daiquiri is a simple beverage prepared with rum, lemon and juice. The wine glass is half filled with crushed ice. Then some lime juice and sugar syrup is added. Finally after adding rum it is shaken well either manually with a spoon or with a blender. Alternatively, non-alcoholic daiquiri of the kind can be prepared with some varied range of fruits. Strawberry Daiquiris is most popular in United States and sometimes addition of cream done to this recipe is excellent. The Canchanchara is a type of beverage with more of rum and a lesser proportion of lime juice. The most common types of the recipe are cocktails with blackberry pear, cherry- almond, fresh peach and mango.

Variations in Daiquiri Recipe
The popular variation of the original cocktail is the Daiquiris Floridita. Hemingway Daiquiris is a type of cocktail recipe with Bacardi. When spiced banana is added to the cocktail, it brings out an amazing flavor which is a sensational summer drink.

Serving Daiquiri
The traditional Daiquiri is served in a long wine glass with lots of crushed ice with a slice of lemon on the glass. The cocktail when served in Daiquiris glasses or Pina colada glasses, it looks amazing. If it is being formally served it is glazed with the fruit syrup or fresh fruits.

Daiquiri- Health Facts
Daiquiri is considered to be a caloric drink with considerable amount of carbohydrate recourses. Canchanchara is a beverage which acts as a painkilling remedy and is quite popular in navy and army. Daiquiri recipe is mineral rich containing potassium and sodium. It also has vitamin c due to the presence of lime as also vitamin A and B.