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Curacao Punch

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Curacao Punch is a popular cocktail for people who prefer sweeter tasting cocktails. The cool and refreshing cocktail is a mixture of rum, brandy, orange Curacao, soda water and sugar.

Origin of Curacao Punch Drink

The drink first made an appearance in Harry Johnson's New and Improved Bartender's Manual of 1882. Over time, it got lost and newer cocktails gained more popularity. The alcoholic punch was then recently revived by Dale DeGroff, one of the world's most famous barmen and author of The Craft of Cocktail.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation: Curacao Punch Drink Recipe

The drink is mainly a mix of soda water, sugar, brandy, orange Curacao and Jamaican rum. While Johnson's original recipe called for the Martell cognac brandy, today's versions of the cocktail use other brands.

Preparation time of the punch is merely a few minutes, much like most other cocktails. In a bar glass (goblet as per the 1882 method), sugar, lemon juice and soda water are combined. After the sugar has dissolved, the glass is filled with finely shaved or thoroughly crushed ice and all remaining ingredients are stirred in. Once the concoction has mixed well, the drink is served.

Serving Curacao Punch Cocktail

The Punch is served in a chilled and fruits are used for garnishing. There are no specific fruits to be used. As its name suggests, the cocktail is more like a punch and almost all the fruits, as per preferences and tastes, can be used as garnishing.


Dale DeGroff, who has revived a lot of great old drinks, has often said that Curacao Punch is his favorite 'forgotten' potation.