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Cosmopolitan drink is fixed by combining the vodka with Cointreau, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and orange peel. This classic cocktail gained undeniable popularity due to its constant mention in the popular HBO show, Sex and City. Of late Cosmopolitan has emerged as the popular social drink because most of the bartenders across the world know how to fix this light fruity cocktail in a right way. This cocktail is often confused with a martini because it is served in a martini glass. Several variations of the cocktail have emerged in the last few years. Some of the popular variations include citrus vodka, cranberry juice, and triple sec in place of the Cointreu. The drink is also known as Cosmo.

Origin of Cosmopolitan Cocktail
According to the International Bartenders Association the Cosmopolitan drink was modeled on vodka citron or lemon flavored vodka. The drink bears strong resemblance to many of the social cocktails like kamikaze and Cape Codder. The origin of drink is a source of debate amongst most of food historians because some of them debate that the cocktail originated in 1970’s. It is said that the drink was introduced in San Francisco by John Caine in 1987. In the same year the Cosmopolitan drink barged into social spheres of many of American cities like Manhattan where the drink was fixed by Toby Cecchini.

Some accounts suggest that drink was first fixed by gay community that resided in the Provincetown area of Massachusetts. Some say that the drink was first fixed by Neil Murray of Cork and Clever Steakhouse in 1975. But following the popular legend -drink was first fixed by South Beach Florida bartender Cheryl Cook. Cheryl suggested the drink should be fixed by combining Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, roses lime and cranberry.

In 1987/1988 Melissa Huffsmith of Manhattan created Pink lemonade Cosmopolitan drink, which was fixed by combining Absolut citron, Cointreu and freshly squeezed lime juice.

The cocktail was popularized by the famous sitcom of 1990’s Sex and the City when Sarah Jessica Parker ordered the drink most often when she was out with friends. The cocktail also influenced the social drink culture and owing to its growing popularity the Demeter Fragrance Library developed cologne which smelled like Cosmo.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients Required
Vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and orange peel- are the common ingredients used in the preparation of the drink.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail: Method of Preparation
The Cosmopolitan drink is fixed by combining vodka, lime juice, Cointreu, and cranberry juice in cocktail shaker. The resultant drink is then strained into a cocktail glass and served after garnishing with orange peel. For fruity flavors the citron vodka is substituted in place of regular vodka.

Cosmo Variants

  • One popular drink variant is fixed by combining Rose Lime Cordial in place of the fresh lime juice and Cointreu at different proportions.
  • Cosmocello is another popular drink variant which is prepared by combining limoncello in place of the fresh lime juice.
  • Blue Cosmo Drink is another popular cosmopolitan drink variant which is fixed by combining cranberry juice and Cointreau.