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Cointreaupolitan is typical cocktail and a variant of the Cosmopolitan cocktail. The Pink color of the drink makes it a favorite drink among women. The drink normally has a citrus base with contents including Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Lemon juice and an Orange. The cocktail has been termed as one of the signature drinks made by Cointreau. The Cointreaupolitan recipe has many variations and can be made with various fruit flavors.

Origin Of The Cointreaupolitan Recipe

The origin of the Cointreaupolitan recipe can be associated with the origin of Cosmopolitan cocktail. Margarita Sames, the creator of the Margarita cocktail is believed to have invented the Cosmopolitan drink at one of the party which she had hosted in 1948. She mixed fresh lime juice with Cointreau and Tequila, and the resulting drink was Cosmopolitan. The name Cosmopolitan was given in 1990 in San Francisco. The Cointreaupolitan has evolved from the Cosmopolitan cocktail, though the origin of the drink is not clear.

Cointreaupolitan Recipe: Ingredients Used And Preparation Overview

The basic ingredients of the Cointreaupolitan drink include Cointreau, Cranberry juice, and Lemon juice. The above mentioned ingredients are mixed by pouring into a shaker with crushed ice. The drink is garnished with a orange peel and served in a Martini glass.

Popular Cointreaupolitan Recipe Variations

There are many variations to the Cointreaupolitan recipe like the Long Cointreaupolitan, Be Cointreauversial, Summer Breeze, Sand Dance, etc. Most of these cocktails have a citrus base and a fruity punch.

Health Facts Of Cointreaupolitan Recipe

The alcohol percentage found in Cointreaupolitan is nearly 3% per unit and alcohol percentage by volume consists of 20%.