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Citrus Martini

Citrus martini, as the name suggests, is the martin prepared with liqueurs infused with citrus flavors. Lemon, orange or lime juice is commonly used for making these martinis and thus the taste of these martinis is tangy and refreshing. A citrus martini is a summer drink which is commonly served during beach parties and other daytime celebrations.

Preparation Overview of Citrus Martini

Ingredients- The ingredients commonly used by citrus martini recipe include lemon infused vodka, lime juice, Grand Marnier orange liqueur or any other fruit flavored liqueur, lemon wedges or fruit slices and ice cubes.

Method of Preparation- Like other flavored martini recipes, citrus martini recipe is easy to follow and the drink can be made within ten minutes. The glasses for serving citrus martini are chilled and rimmed in cocktail sugar well in advance before making the drink. In a martini shaker, ice cubes are mixed vigorously with lemon vodka, lime juice and other fruit juices. Once done, the cocktail is strained and served in prepared martini glasses.

Serving Citrus Martini

Citrus martinis are generally served on the rocks. The martini glasses are decorated with wedges of lemon or fruit slices for serving the drink. Drink umbrellas are mostly used for these martinis during beach parties.

Foods Pairing With Citrus Martini

Since the taste of citrus martini is usually tangy, both sweet and spicy foods pair well with the drink. Spicy crisps, barbequed foods, chips, cheesy snacks are some of the savory foods that pair well with citrus martinis. Cakes, tarts and creamy desserts are some of the sweet accompaniments to the drink.

Citrus Martini Nutrition Facts

There are approximately 290 calories in one glass serving of citrus martini with carbohydrate content being 1.9 grams.

Popular Citrus Martini Recipe Variations

Cucumber citrus martini – This citrus cocktail is prepared by mixing cucumber vodka with Limoncello, Elderflower liqueur, muddled cucumber and lemon juice. The drink is served in tall martini glasses with garnishing of cucumber slices.

Rosemary citrus martini – It is a refreshing drink prepared by mixing vodka with lemon juice, honey syrup, chilled champagne, rosemary sprigs and muddled mandarin orange. The ingredients are mixed in a martini shaker with crushed ice and the drink is served with floating rosemary sprig.

Pomegranate citrus martini – It is a cocktail prepared by mixing equal parts of grapefruit vodka with orange juice and Pomegranate schnapps and ice. Simple syrup is also added to the drink which balances the tangy flavors of the fruits.

Green citrus martini – It is a refreshing party drink prepared by mixing honey wheatgrass tea with citrus vodka and lemon juice. This citrus martini is usually served with garnishing of lemon twist.