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Christmas Cocktail

Christmas cocktail is a festive holiday cocktail made to rejoice the occasion. It is paired with the party food over the meal. Christmas cocktails range from light to heavy and can be made through numerous recipes. They incorporate juices, flavours and colors according to the season. They are normally on the lower side in alcohol levels. Popular Christmas cocktail recipes include Cranberry Christmas Cocktail, Mistletoe Margarita, Angel's Delight, Christmas Jones and Eggnog.

History of Christmas Cocktails

Christmas cocktails have been in vogue since a long time. One of the original Christmas cocktails happens to be the holiday drink Wassail, which is mnetioned in the poem "Beowulf" from 8th century English literature. President George Washington was believed to have a liking for eggnog and even contrived his own very emphatic recipe for it.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation

Christmas cocktail recipes are varied and the drink can be made through a mix and match of different ingredients including- fruit juices, extracts, wine, beer and spirits and seasonings. An assortment of Christmas drinks can also be made over Christmas parties. They can include warm drinks such as beverages, cold drinks such as martini and holiday punches. Common ingredients for basic recipes include –fruit juices such as citrus juices of orange or lemon, spirits such as vodka and seasonings such as salt, pepper and sugar. Cocktail shakers, mixers, bowls, utensils such as spoons and blenders are the tools used to make Christmas cocktails.


Christmas cocktails are served like most cocktails. They can be served on the rocks, in highball glasses, short glasses, straight sided glasses or in most common cocktail glasses. Martini glasses can be used to serve martinis and similar Christmas cocktails. The glasses can be rimmed with powdered sugar or salt. They can be brushed with lemon or orange wedges before garnishing in Christmas cocktail recipes. Olives, cherries, melon balls or fruit bits can be used to add texture to the drinks. Festive umbrellas, decorative stirrers, etc can be used to decorate the cocktails.

Popular Christmas Cocktails Variations

Christmas cocktails in classic styles can be made in innovative variations incorporating contemporary ingredients.
Angel’s delight is a partly classic Christmas cocktail that uses gin or vodka for subtle flavours.
The classic Christmas cocktail recipes of eggnog can be made and presented with a lot of variations.